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Qingdao Qingzhu Farm Products Company


"Qingzhu Origin" seasonings of Korean and Japanese cuisines enjoy a warm welcome among a great number of consumers

      "Qingzhu Origin" series of seasonings for Korean and Japanese cuisines include the chili powder, crushed chili, pickled vegetables, fish cake, beef powder, fried powder, hot and spicy sauce, miso hot and spicy sauce, tonkatsu sauce, black pepper sauce, fried noodle sauce and seafood udon sauce; the varieties are abundant and diversified.
The raw materials of “Qingzhu Origin” products are from Xinjiang, Sichuan and Qingdao Laoshan areas where the climate and geographical conditions enjoy the exceptional advantages; the source of high-quality raw materials guarantee the high quality and superior products of “Qingzhu Origin” products.

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