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Qingdao Qingzhu Farm Products Company


       Qingdao Qingzhu Farm Products Co. Ltd, established in September, 2005, is a comprehensive enterprise integrating research and development, production and marketing. The company makes constant innovation and development by applying advanced production technology. Since its establishment, the company has formed various business patterns, with raw materials of Chilies, seasonings, spices, Korean and Japanese Cuisine and chain catering trade as the principal, and with other agricultural and sideline products as the supplement. The products accommodate not only domestic demand, but also export many countries and regions.
       The company is located in the coastal economic development zone in Qingdao. It has the rights to export and registration certificate of commodity inspection. The registered capital of the company is 2 million yuan and the factory covers 8 thousand square meters with a building area of 5 thousand square meters. The company enjoys convenient transportation as it is only 2 kilometers away from Liuting International Airport.
       The company is a team of various sectors like administration, research and development, production, quality testing and marketing. We stick to the concept of customer orientation and quality focus and try our best to supply best products and services to domestic and overseas customers. We are willing to seek development with our customers by cooperating with each other. Full of spirit, we keep up with the time and constantly expand a globalized vision of management. We try to create a new image of promoting industrial modernization, renew consumption concept, serve good quality products and repay the customers with health. While we are striving for a leading enterprise of agricultural production with regional influence, we continuous expand domestic and international markets and aim at standard-modernization, management-humanization and brand-internationalization, to make more remarkable contribution to the prosperity of agricultural markets.
       Qingzhu mainly produces four serious of products of raw materials of Chilies, seasonings, spices, Korean and Japanese Cuisine, and other agricultural and sideline products with plentiful kinds and complete specifications. Also, to adapt to the ever-changing markets and fulfill customers' increasing demand, we set up professional research and development, production, quality testing and marketing team to produce advanced products. The raw materials of our products come from places with excellent climatic and geographic advantages, such as Xinjiang, Sichuan and Laoshan in Qingdao, which guarantees the good quality of Qingzhu products.

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