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Qingdao Qingzhu Farm Products Company


“Qingzhu Origin” pickled vegetables are on sale!

      Based on the a hundred years of traditional pickle technology and formula, “Qingzhu Origin” pickled vegetables are prepared through selecting the fresh vegetables as the raw materials. The key components of “Qingzhu Origin” are lactic acid bacteria, and rich in the abundant inorganics (including vitamins, calcium and phosphate), minerals and more than ten amino acids required for human body. They are mixed with all favors and able to be eaten in a meal or drink, easy to digest and stimulate the appetite; it not only can provide the adequate nutrition, but also can prevent arteriosclerosis, lower cholesterol and eliminate extra fat. Therefore, once the pickled vegetables are on sale, they are favored by the consumers, especially for the old and the busy people.
      “Qingzhu Origin” pickled vegetables also can be used to cook all kinds of kimchi foods, such as kimchi soup, kimchi cake and kimchi rice. The unique flavor is favored by lots of people.

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