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Qingdao Qingzhu Farm Products Company


The foods are tasty due to “Qingzhu Origin” seasonings

      If you compare cooking to drawing a dragon, then the good seasonings are the finishing touch.
    “Qingzhu Origin” series of seasonings have good quality and refined raw materials, adopt the totally enclosed high-tech production pattern, and enjoy tremendous popularity based on delicious taste.
      Due to the stimulus of the rapid lifestyle, the convenient and instant “Qingzhu Origin” seasonings become the popular darling in seasonings. In terms of the more and more attractive “Qingzhu Origin” seasonings in the market, its constituent ratio of the raw materials are more complex than that of the common seasonings and characterized by the powerful flavor and unique style through scientific development and production. Meanwhile, with the acceleration of the catering kitchen operation, the development of different characteristic restaurants promotes the constant development and innovation of “Qingzhu Origin” brand; the special seasonings developed by “Qingzhu R&D development can meet the requirements of various catering enterprises to a great extent, and provide a wide variety of choices accordingly.
    “Qingzhu Origin” seasonings include: Bibimbap chili sauce, the thicken sauce of sweet-and-sour fish, pickle juice, kabayaki sauce, cold-noodle sauce, spicy salad, sauce for rice with meat and vegetables, barbecued pork sauce, teriyaki sauce, pork bone soup, taste-up bone soup, flavoring powder, love-roasting chili sauce, sushi vinegar, oden cooking, soy sauce for cooking pancake with fried eggs, spicy sauce, etc.

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