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Skillful use of the seasonings in cooking

     Skillful use of onion, garlic and ginger
  The spicy seasonings, including onion, garlic and ginger, are rich in the high volatile essential oil, and have double efficacy of sterilization and seasoning. In order to give it into full play, it is essential to use a long-term hydrolysis reaction and make the essential oil in the combinative state become fragrant when cooking; it is essential to utilize the high temperature to melt the essential oil into the oil when cooking, so as to make the cooked food delicious.
  Add coriander before eating
  Coriander is a kind of umbrella-shaped flowering plant. Although the essential oil is high in content and rich in fragrance, but the essential oil is highly volatile and unable to be heated for a long time. Therefore, in order to retain the fragrance, it is appropriate to be added before eating.
  Get rid of the odor in stewing
  In stewing, in order to remove or cover the undesirable odors of the animal (beef, mutton and the internal organs)raw materials, such as the fishy smell, mutton odor, foul and stinky smell, it is feasible to prepare for all kinds of spices and seasonings(including the aniseed, Chinese prickly ash and pepper, cinnamon, dried tangerine or orange peel, almond, licorice, fennel and cumin) in appropriate proportion and put them into gauze bag for stewing with meat; in this way, the undesirable odors can be removed, and the aroma can be infiltrated into the food.

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